Today was craft day with the girls.

March 23, 2014

What a relaxing, fun day!
I wasn’t sure what I wanted to work on, so I took epoxy clay and Swarovski point back crystals, and also my on-going embroidery project. I spent the first three hours creating the three pieces below. The green donut was first, it’s a finishing washer from the hardware store, maybe 15 cents. The bauble with the blue stone is a bead store “coin” with a hollowed out center that the epoxy clay goes on, then the crystals are pressed in to the epoxy clay.

The large piece is an hommage to my father, who died 18 months ago. He was a very clever engineer, and when I was a little girl he designed Integrated Circuit Boards and explained them to me. That’s why there’s a little circuit board emerging from the epoxy. One of his nicknames for me was “Sparkle Plenty” and you can see I am still in love with sparkles.

The girls worked on paper crafts, making beautiful, 3D greeting cards, Phoenecia was wrapping the 30 gifts for 30 days for her daughters birthday celebration (her bows are the stuff of legends) and Victoria worked on her 3D journal using a technique that includes a discarded hard cover book as the foundation. It’s very interesting. I’m going to try paper crafts next at Tuesday’s Craft Night at my LYS. It’s a really fun, relaxing evening, a chance to visit, meet new people, and do something relaxing and fun. I highly recommend it!

Project tip:
For the Crystal Clay Epoxy Clay project – work as quickly as you can, once you’ve mixed part A and part B of the clay together. Like any epoxy, it will begin to set up immediately. And, as I’ve had the clay in my craft drawer for a year and a half, I noticed it was much harder to work with than when I first bought it. It had dried out a bit, and it set up much faster, one or two of the last crystals to go in didn’t want to stay in, so that will take some liquid epoxy later to set it in it’s spot. So keep that in mind, too. The kits include a toothpick that has beeswax on one end to push the crystals into the clay. If, like mine, your clay is a bit old, it will take a hard push, so be careful not to scratch the crystals. I love this way of creating beautiful crystal decorated items, almost better than a flat application. I may take one of these pieces, the heart, and add some flat application Swarovski crystals in the open spots, to really have it dripping. I’ve never done that, so I’ll post a photo for you!

Find your local craft shop, or local yarn shop and see if they have a craft night. Or start one of your own with your friends. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy a relaxing time with friends, and a stress free way to get some crafting done. Bring favorite dishes to share and sparkling water, or lemonade, and enjoy the conversation and the silent moments when you’re all focusing. It’s wonderful


Here are links to the supplies I used.